Digital storytelling

Was it a good stroy? Digital storytelling which is a short form of digital media production is a platform that allows every individual to share parts of their life stories. The forms of media used in digital storytelling include the digital equivalents of film skills, stills, audio only, animation or other types of non-physical media which the single people can use to present a story.

"Digital storytelling" is a fairly new word which denotes the new practice of common people who use digital tools to tell their 'story'. Digital stories are mostly presented in beguiling and emotionally engaging formats, and can be collaborative. It can in addition, cover a number of digital narratives. It is at times used to refer to film making and in modern times it has been used to define promotion efforts and advertising by non-profit and commercial businesses.

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Digital storytelling can be defined as the process by which varied persons share their life stories and innovative thoughts with other people. It emerged with the discovery of accessible media production systems, software and hardware, including and not limited to digital cameras, iMovie, windows movie maker and digital voice recorders. These recent technological advancements allow users to share their stories over the internet through Vimeo, youtube, podcasts and other distribution channels.

It can be thought of as an extension of antique storytelling interwoven with digitized moving and still sound and images. People can approach storytelling from distinctive perspectives due to advanced new media and digital technologies indeed a great thanks to innovations.

In simple terms it is a multimedia movie that embraces video, animation, sound, music, text, narrative voice and photographs. It can be used within a classroom to incorporate extant knowledge with subject matter and skills across the syllabus. The students and either work collectively or individually to create digital stories. Once they are done they can upload the stories to the internet for international viewing depending on the topic of the story.

The storytelling form was used Ken Burns in his documentary of The Civil War and it is cited as the first model of this type. In the documentary, Burns used nonfictional accounts that functioned to reveal the emotions and heart of this catastrophic occurrence in American history, as well as archival images, narration music and modern cinematography. Other digital storyteller artists are the late Dana Atchley, his collaborator Joe Lambert, Brenda Laurel, Pedro Meyer and Abbe Don.

Characteristically, the stories are created in in-depth workshops. The state of the art technology in place allows digital story telling without technical background in production of works that convey a story sound and moving images.


The most key feature of a digital story is that it no longer conforms to the conventional storytelling as it is capable of integrating still imagery, sound, text and moving well as being non sequential and has interactive feature. The expressive abilities of technology provide a wider base from which to integrate. It convalesces the experience for both the audience and author and provides for grander interactivity.

With the emergence of current media tools like computers, recorders, software and digital cameras individuals may share digital stories via on discs, podcasts, the internet, or other electronic media. Digital story telling integrates the art of storytelling with multimedia characteristics like animation, voiceover, audio, video, photography and hypertext. Digital devices and software make it simple and convenient to generate a digital story. The software which are popular include Movie Maker and iMovie for user friendly alternatives. There are other online alternatives and free applications as well.

Teachers often identify the advantage of digital storytelling as the collection of technical devices from which learners may choose for their inventive expression. Students set out embrace these tools in modern ways to make significant content. They learn recent software, edit video, choose images, make voiceover, add music, narration, control flow and transitions and create title screens. In addition, there is a chance to insert interactive characteristics for "reader" contribution. It is feasible to click on text or imagery in order to select what will occur next, cause an occurrence to occur, or It is possible to click on imagery or text in order to choose what will happen next, cause an event to occur, or steer through online content.

Further, differentiations may be drawn between digital storytelling and Web2.0 storytelling. Web2.0 storytelling produces network of connections through blogging, YouTube and social networking and it surpasses conventional storytelling.

Uses in education

The Center for Digital Storytelling model has also been embraced in education, more especially in the US, sometimes as a technique of building collaboration and multimedia literateness. For instance, Youthworx Media Melbourne and the Bay Area Video Coalition exploit digital storytelling to involve and give young people who are at risk power.

Uses in primary and secondary education

The idea of integrating conventional storytelling with current digital tools is spreading across the globe. Anyone with a computer can create a digital story. Most digital stories emphasize on a particular topic and contain a specific point of view. These fields can range from personal stories to the recounting of historical occurrences, from investigating life in one's own community to the search for life in other four corners of the globe and every story in between.

For primary schools the attention is related to what is being educated, a story that will connect to the learners. The story is kept below five minutes to maintain attention. Lively pictures, narration, and age-appropriate music are required. Narration supplemented with sub topics can also aid build up vocabulary. The content in the stories can aid middle and upper primary school students to understand layered concepts.

The aspects of digital storytelling, pictures, narration and music beef up learning of ideas and help in retention of the learnt materials.

The other type

Another type of storytelling is the micromovie, which is a very short explanation lasting between a few minutes and 5 minutes. It gives the teller room to integratevideo footage, personal writing, sound effects, music and narration. Various people, in spite of skill level, are capable of telling their stories via sound, image and share those stories with other people.